Name Red Elm
Location Eastern North America
Texture/Grain Coarse/Open
Specific Gravity 0.50
Hardness Soft
Strength Medium
T/R Stability 9.5/4.2%






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How do I join? If you want to read the discussions without participating, you can do so; nothing has been blocked from non-members. However, to ask questions, makes comments, or post pictures and other information, you must join.

Access the "Sign In" page (1). Click on tthe lower yellow box where it says "Apply for Membership." A "Membership Application" (2) will appear.  Fill in the boxes, read the legalese under "Terms of Service," and check that you've read it. Click "Proceed" and you will be taken immediately to the "Discussions." Later on, when Drew or I have time, we'll send you a letter of welcome and ask that you ping us back to check that we have your correct e-mail address.

PS –  We don't share your membership information with anyone.

How do I use this forum? The folks who wrote the forum software put together some informative videos that tell you better than I could how to use the features in the forum. They are very short and very well done.
bullet Starting and editing discussions
bullet Adding your comments
bullet Searching for discussions and comments
bullet Managing your account
bullet Customizing your preferences
Can I add photos or other files when I post comments? Yes, you can. Just below the comment box, there is a box for attachments. We accept these file types:

Images -- .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png


Text -- .rtf, .txt


Text + images -- pdf, .doc


Compressed -- .zip, .rar, .gz

If you post an image, it will be displayed automatically after you click "Add your comments."

Attachments are limited to 500K, images must be less than 600 pixels in width. To post more than one attachment with a single comment, (1) post your comment with the first attachment, (2) choose "Edit" to edit that comment, (3) enter the second attachment in the "Attachments" box, and (4) click "Save Changes." Continue until you have entered all the attachments.

How do I contact other members of the forum directly?

If you are participating in a discussion, and you'd like to respond to someone privately, click on their name. A list of their personal information will appear, including an e-mail address if they want you to see it. You can also look up a member on the Members' List. Here again, you can see the e-mail address only if the user wants to share it. If they do, copy it and ping them.

What does it mean to "sink" a discussion? "Sinking" a discussion means that the discussion will continue to be ranked in both the category list and discussion list according to the date it was started. An "unsunk" discussion floats to the top of the lists every time someone adds a new comment.
Can I add a personal avatar? No, but you can add an icon. These are a good deal smaller than standard avatars – 32x32 pixels for an icon versus 80x80 for avatars. Whether you have an avatar or not, however, they are easy to make. Go to Genfavicon and upload your avatar or any other small, square, simple picture – the simpler, the better. Choose the 32x32 size and click "Capture." To the right are a few icons I made for Liberty just in case she joins the forum. Tip: If you have image editing software, it helps to bump up the image contrast before you generate the icon.
Can I post notices of tools or woodworking equipment for sale? No you can't. I doubt the good folks who sponsor this web site by selling new tools would take kindly to competing with used tools – especially if they find themselves up against used versions of their own products. and sites like it reach more people and are much better suited for classified sales than this forum.

 If you are a manufacturer of new tools or offer woodworking services, ping us or write us. We have some unique, exciting, and affordable advertising venues for you to consider.

What software does the Workshop Companion Forum use? It's called Vanilla. It's an open-source bare-bones forum program with dozens of available "extensions" so users can easily modify it to suit their needs. If you'd like to know more about it than what I've explained, go HERE.

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 "Abundant to all the needs of man, how poor the world would be without wood."
Eric Sloane in Reverence for Wood


Forum FAQ and Troubleshooting for the Workshop Companion,
essential information about wood, woodwork, and woodworking.
By Nick Engler.

Copyright © 2009 Bookworks, Inc.